Save the Earth, choose local products!

The new, impressive market hall of Pécs recently opened its doors. The citizens fell in love with the much more modern, brighter and more spacious building almost immediately.

European waste reduction week - Waste is not fashion!

 Waste is not fashion! Dress yourself and your things with a "new look"! - waste reduction at the highest level UP style.

Waste is not fashion! The thematic programme of 2022

No-smoke November 2022

November 19 - World No Smoke Day: a day without cigarette smoke

Contests, quizzes and games await all who are coming to the event! Follow our website, Facebook and Instagram pages!

How UP saves money

Due to the significant increase in energy prices, UP introduced cost-saving measures from October. This is made difficult by the fact that there is not a single large campus, but various sites with a variety of activities in different locations. The implementation of the measures is coordinated by the UP Chancellery's Operations and Procurement Directorate which also provides data for decisions related to savings.


The University of Pécs has won support to prepare for the energy renovation of 17 buildings. The project will be implemented by the institution with EU funding, with a total of HUF 421.49 million in non-reimbursable grants. As part of the project, the aim is to prepare energy efficiency plans for the buildings concerned and, based on these plans, to launch and finalize the public procurement procedures for the construction works.

NoMoreDrips – used cooking oil collection organized by UP Green University

The University makes significant efforts in terms of waste management to reduce the amount of waste generated. The headline target is to reduce the proportion of communal waste by separating recyclable waste as much as possible into the already existing new recycling metal containers, which are accessable at all sites

Renewable selective waste collection at UP

Renewable selective waste collection at UP

New, waste collection containers made of metal, new collection order!

The University of Pécs is renewing selective waste collection: new types of selective waste collection containers made of metal will be placed in the university buildings.

October "Green Gastronomy"

Dear University Citizen!

We would like to recommend you to the UP "Green Gastronomy" series of events in the spirit of the vegetarian October!


Did you know that September 30 is World Packaging-Free Day?

Did you know that September 30 is World Packaging-Free Day?

UP Green University Questionnaire – environmental protection and sustainability

Dear Employees, Dear Students! Smart University, the strategy of the UP for digitalization and sustainability will be developed by the end of 2022. Because of this the university management considers it important to ask the opinion of the UP community on the topic of environmental protection and sustainability. Please fill out the questionnaire and share your opinion in order to build a greener, more sustainable university together!