From 15 May, the University of Pécs will once again launch its international cycling challenge to promote a healthy lifestyle.


The challenge of "MOON BIKE" is to ride a bicycle together to the moon, i.e. to reach a total of 384,400 km anywhere in the world.

Earth Day - Being Green is Good! Dress green or dress your environment green!

This year as well we would like to celebrate Earth Day with the citizens of the UP in accordance with our tradition but in an unusual way. However, the world has come to the point where Earth Day is not only a day to celebrate, but also a day to do something to protect the air, water, plants, birds, and animals.

Earth Day has now become the largest self-organized environmental movement in Hungary.

The greenest university for the greenest city

The existence and quality of life of future generations depends largely on our ability to transform our thinking about the world, our environment and our lives.  Are we willing not to exploit our natural resources by changing our habits, but to protect our environment, protect biodiversity, i.e. live in a sustainable way?

The Pécs Summer School 2021 Program has started

Online Summer School for Central European students about the European Union

"Water as I see it" photo contest - by the organization of Ecocity - Eco Region

On the occasion of World Water Day, the Eco-City-Ecoregion Foundation is launching a photo contest. The theme is Pécs and its wet places. Send your favorite photo from Pécs: "WATER AS I see it" and win!

You can also find the call on facebook link as follows:"VÍZ, ahogy Én látom..." fotópályázat - Ökováros-Ökorégió Alapítvány

Green AURA conference - INVITATION

We kindly invite you for an online climate protection conference on March 31, 2021, organised by University of Pécs. Our goal is to present the Green AURA initiative, which promotes the development of environmentally conscious local communities. As first step, we will present for the citizens the climate-friendly developments available at ​​Pécs and Kapronca (Croatia) by augmented reality supported exhibitions.

Protect the farmers

European Citizens' Initiative:

They are coming together from all over the EU to call for a bee-friendly agriculture that is good for farmers, our health and the environment.

With this European citizens' initiative, the European Commission is being called upon to support an agricultural model that allows farmers and nature to live in harmony.

Indochina: an emerging region in world politics

The Department of International Studies of the Kodolányi János University (KJU) and the Szentágothai János Research Centre for Historical and Political Geography of the University of Pécs are pleased to invite you to the continuation of the Webinar-Geopolitical Forum series, which started last year. The next online conference will be held on 23 March 2021 from 16:00 under the title Indochina: Emerging Region in World Politics.

GreenIdea – How to make a university sustainable?

WITH the Green University Program of the University of Pécs

Short description

The idea of the “Green University” is a complex system including built environment, ecologically conscious operation and maintenance, the formation of related attitudes and the creation of an educational and research background. 


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