"Tree of Life 2019”- Community Tree Planting in the Jubilee Grove

Community tree planting is one of the best, extremely climate-efficient activities we can do for our planet over the next decade. If we are planting trees in our communities we can significantly reduce the carbon dioxide content of the air, thereby improving the local climate. Besides, it is a heartwarming feeling to be part of a unity and to see how much power a "good cause" can move.

Ecocity-Ecoregion Foundation has been organizing the urban tree planting program for 8 years in cooperation with BIOKOM NKft, involving the widest possible audience. This year, one of the venues of the urban tree planting program will be the Knowledge Park (Jubilee Grove) on Tüskésrét. We are primarily waiting for university citizens and staff for community tree planting, on 12 November 2019, from 10 am. The staff of Biokom NKft. will prepare the location for the start and provide the tools you need.

Registration is required to participate in the program (After entering the Neptun / EHA code and the associated password, the registration interface is accessible by clicking the login button at the top of the page). The registration interface is available from 8 am on 1st November (Friday)!

Participation is limited (40 people), so if you cancel your presence for any reason, please cancel your application! This will allow additional candidates to participate. Thank You!

Given that the program is open during working hours, ask your boss for consent to attend the event!

Jubilee Grove