"Green solutions in Pécs" - presentation of the Green Aura project at the ECOCITY week in Pécs Árkád

 "Green solutions in Pécs" - Green Aura project presented at the ECOCITY week in Pécs Árkád

Take a Green (Dance) Step! Choose now! Take it or save it - Be one green (dance) step ahead

Dear UP Citizens,

Earth Day - Being Green is Good! Dress green or dress your environment green!

This year as well we would like to celebrate Earth Day with the citizens of the UP in accordance with our tradition but in an unusual way. However, the world has come to the point where Earth Day is not only a day to celebrate, but also a day to do something to protect the air, water, plants, birds, and animals.

Earth Day has now become the largest self-organized environmental movement in Hungary.

22 babysitters were educated on environmental consciousness

Hollywood presents itself: the Shoot for the Earth filmmaking competition is announced

In cooperation with the Faculty of Cultural Sciences, Education and Regional Development of the University of Pécs, the film competition "Shoot for the Earth! will be held this year as well. The global filmmaking competition will be announced together with the screening of the films that have won awards in previous years, following the Oscar awards ceremony.

The Earth Hour - March showcase exhibition


Join the Earth Hour! Turn off, but keep your eyes open! - Showcase exhibition

Protecting our natural treasures is only possible with dedicated environmentalists like you!

In these difficult times, Earth Hour 2022 will be another moment of solidarity, and also a chance to care for each other and our common home, the Earth.

Droughts and floods: The worsening climate problems of our streams through the eyes of a hydrobiologist

TUESDAY, 22 MARCH 2022, 17:00

Droughts and floods: the worsening climate problems of our streams as seen through the eyes of a hydrobiologist

Speaker: Zoltán Csabai dr., Head of Department, Associate Professor, Department of Hydrobiology of the Institute of Biology of the Faculty of Sciences of the UP

The Green Bridge Foundation's Green Babysitter training course is over

The 60-hour Green Babysitter training course organized by the Green Bridge Foundation, which took place in the Eco-Kuckó Training Room in the center of Pécs between February and March 2022, is over.

Diamond Award for the Summer School Program of Pécs

5 years, 30 summer schools, 850 participants from 70 countries - the "Pécs Summer School" program of the International Centre at the University of Pécs recently won the Marketing Diamond Award at the 2021 Marketing Diamond Awards competition, which was organized by the 

Ashoka Green Lab Program

The Ashoka Green Lab Program is an open, youth-driven, concrete environmental challenge-solving program that aims to create more viable, scalable businesses with measurable positive environmental impact in Hungary.

The program is for you, if

     you are willing to participate in a 4-5 month development process,

     where you will work with our business partners and mentors