Stroll to Selmec!

The University of Sopron announces the "Stroll to Selmec" programme. All university students can join the program!

October "Green Gastronomy"

Dear University Citizen!

We would like to recommend you to the UP "Green Gastronomy" series of events in the spirit of the vegetarian October!

  • 4 October (Monday) 18:00: What do you put in your basket? - Round table discussion

Location: 12 Szigeti street, UP Medical School (exact location to be announced later)

Ecocashing September 16-26


Explore bicycle roads in Pécs

during the European Mobility Week, 16-26 September, 2021

Ecocashing in Pécs, now on your bicycle!

Explore the city with your bike, look for QR codes at the locations on the map.

Answer the questions and exchange your kilometres for green gifts.

Winner of the V4GU Climate Protection Campaign

The University of Pécs, together with its four foreign partner universities, organized a video competition in the framework of the V4 Green Universities project, in which university citizens could participate and share their own ideas about what they would do differently at the University of Pécs in order to create a more environmentally conscio

Plastic-free July - UP style!

Let's set an example together! By joining the Plastic-Free July challenge, we can do our part to reduce the amount of plastic in our everyday lives.

V4 Green Universities – Local workshop

Inter-university dialogue in the spirit of environmental awareness

V4GU – Green Workshop


"So far, no one has found a better motivation for the cause of environmental protection than our shared love for home." /Roger Scruton/

High ranked acknowledgement awarded to PTE

This year, for the 17th time, the Expert Committee of the Superbrands Hungary, composed of independent professionals convened, which found the University of Pécs (PTE) worthy of wearing the Superbrands 2021 trademark. The diploma was recently awarded to the PTE management.

Full press release: PTE sajtóanyag - superbrands 2021

"Pass it back, Brother!" mobile phone collection campaign - AWARD CEREMONY

Within the framework of the "Pass it back, Brother!" used mobile phone collection campaign, the 3 affiliated schools of the UP, Leőwey Klára High School Pécs, and the Szent Mór School Centre of the Diocese of Pécs have collected 461 mobile phones, almost 50 kg of unused devices this spring. Most of the phones were sent in by class 1/a of the Szent Mór School Centre.

Moonbike - Ecocaching game - ANNOUNCEMENT OF RESULTS

The draw for the MOON BIKE 2021 ecocaching game organized at the event in Orfű has been made.

Congratulations to the winners and thank you for participating!


  • Kata Czéh-Juhász
  • Csilla Bacsúr
  • Miksa Juby

Explore the world of Orfű with your bike! - Ekocaching game rightnow on Orfű.

Explore the world of Orfű with your bike!

Eco coaching game NOW Orfűn

29 May 2021

Explore Orfű by bike, visit the QR code posters at the locations specified by GPS coordinates.

Answer questions and redeem your miles for special gifts,