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Slow fashion interpretations and strategies in Hungary - lecture

Solutions to climate change - course

The physical and chemical basis of the climate change process. The current extent of climate change and how it has changed so far. Comparison of natural global cooling and warming cycles and warming due to anthropogenic emissions. Climate models, climate projections. Limit points of irreversible change. Global objectives. Climate change impacts on the environment and human society. Technical and scientific solutions to combat climate change.

We cooked this up! - used cooking oil and gastro quiz



Become a desiccation researcher yourself!

Presentation title: Become a desiccation researcher with the DRYRivERS smartphone app!

Presentation date: 1st March 2023, 5:00 pm

Location: South Transdanubian Regional Library and Knowledge Center, Conference Room (2/a. Universitas street, Pécs)

Working together for a greener world - UP-Mecsekerdő

University of Pécs and Mecsekerdő Ltd. are working together for a more sustainable and "greener" future. The cooperation will include joint tree planting, building a nature trail, litter picking, and strengthening the bird-friendly environment. UP is the 21st greenest university in the world thanks to the sustainability and environmental steps taken in recent years. The current collaboration reinforces this.

Source: Univ TV

"SmartLife" - a more conscious present for a more sustainable future - video competition for Babits Mihály Teachers' Training Practice School of the University of Pécs

Interview with nutritionist Dr. Zoltán Szabó

"SmartLife" – a more conscious present for a more sustainable future