The idea of the “Green University” is a complex system including built environment, ecologically conscious operation and maintenance, the formation of related attitudes and the creation of an educational and research background. Nearly 200 courses are dealing with environmental issues and sustainable development at the university at present. Significant financial resources have been invested into research and the number of publications on the topic is remarkable. That is to say, the green idea is alive! However, there is no doubt that we still have a lot of work to do in order for the protection of our planet to gain a determining significance in our everyday lives. 

Background: During the last few years a number of ideas, programmes, projects, campaigns and notices under the aegis of the “green idea” have promoted environmentally conscious views and attitudes at UP.   A positive initiative by the Chancellery was for the UP to test itself at the list ranking green universities; launched by the University of Indonesia in 2010. Several faculties contributed to our participation and the list of our supporters was gradually expanding. As a result, UP was added to the international list ranking the environmentally conscious higher education institutions in 2016. The first assessment ranked our university to the 335th place. However, it is to our great pleasure that thanks to the Green University Programme and the concerted efforts, the University of Pécs jumped nearly 200 places on the Global UI GreenMetric List and was ranked 179th

The development programme implemented within the framework of the Modern Cities Programme also has the implementation of environmentally and energetically conscious solutions in view. It is well known that the field of healthcare has a remarkable high need of energy, therefore the implementation of developments aimed at reducing operational costs and utilising renewable power sources is of specific importance regarding the economic sustainability and improving energy-efficiency of these buildings. Recently the three buildings with the highest energy demand have been provided with solar power systems, and we are applying for grants in order to obtain further resources and be able to expand these systems.

Our achievements


  • A Green Page was added to the Chancellor's Newsletter
  • Drawing the attention of the citizens of the university to GREEN Action: Earth Day - “Save the planet! Dress up in green!”; brainstorming; Birds and Trees Day (10 May)- gifts of flower seeds bred by the Botanical Garden for university employees.
  • Upload of the online survey of the Green University Programme; submitting of the application. 


Co-operation with the Municipal Town of Pécs

  • Under the ZIFFA programme (Its aim: a survey and development of urban green areas in close co-operation with the local council, local companies and institutions).
  • 650 Jubilee Grove in Tüskésrét (planting 650 trees on 18 November).
  • Public Bike grant (bicycle rental with electric docking systems).


Improving energy efficiency and reducing CO emission

  • Solar thermal collector systems at the Janus Pannonius Clinics Block and the new Institute of Oncotherapeutics.
  • Installation of solar power systems on the buildings with the highest energy consumption (Clinical Block no. 1.; Clinical Block of Rókus street; Gynaecology and Obstetrics Clinics). The panels produce a yearly 550.000 Kh electricity.
  • Procurement of an environmentally friendly electric car (Nissan Leaf).


 Some remarkable recent UP projects

  • The Technical and Service Directorate, coordinator of the project, shared their experience on the Green University Programme at an educational and administrative workshop of Baranya county.
  • UP has joined “TeSzedd! – Önkéntesen a tiszta Magyarországért” (Pick it up! – Volunteers for a Clean Hungary) movement, the largest volunteer movement in the country, More than 600 employees, students and pupils drew attention to the importance of the protection and conservation of natural resources at 8 locations. 
  • Facilitation of cycling; opening of a gate at the Medical Faculty (August 2017).
  • 40 newly installed bike parking racks and a service station awaits cycling students and colleagues at the Medical Faculty.
  • “Bikers' Breakfast” organised by the Medical Faculty (27. September 2017; with nearly 300 participants).
  • Electric and electronic waste collection, with the involvement of the Hungarian Charity Service of the Order of Malta. Colleagues and students submitted 2.65 tonnes of e-waste. 
  • The Green Group started beautifying the university parks and green areas utilising own resources, by planting trees and flowers and pruning trees. 
  • Live hedge walls in the Botanical Garden; planting 29 almond trees on the premises of the Szentágothai Research Centre.
  • The extension of selective waste collection has started: paper, glass and plastic waste already had been collected selectively at 33 organisational units of the University. The Embassy of the United Sates offered 126 selective waste collection boxes which have been installed at 14 further sites; mostly educational institutions. 
  • Operational fault reporting: a transition to electronic fault reports in order to reduce waste paper. 
  • Implementation of a pilot program at the office building of  Szántó Kovács János street:
    • Notices, stickers and posters in the offices, kitchens, bathrooms: “Turn it off! Switch off! Shut it! Turn it down! Change! Recycle!”
    • A transition to the use of environmentally friendly detergents, toilet paper  and paper towels.
    • Installation of eco-pearlators in the plumbing units.
    • Selective waste bins (paper, plastic, batteries) on each floor; paper baskets next to photocopiers; waste bin + bottle press for the vending machine on the ground floor. 


Bird's eye view of the University of Pécs - videos