Walk and play with us!

Ecocaching in Pécs

European Mobility Week and Car-free Day

16-22 September 2019.

Ten thousand steps in Pécs!


 Dear University Citizen,

                    • Could you endure a week or even just a day without a car?
                    • Would you do for a more sustainable environment and for your health?
                    • Do you like alternative ways of transport?
                    • Do you like games and challenges?

Then „European Mobility Week” is for You! Ten thousand steps in Pécs!

Do you accept the challenge? Leave your car at home and walk with us!

Take part in our game of ecocaching, named "Walk and play with us" and win valuable green rewards!

Explore the city and search for the QR codes at the locations marked on the map.

Answer the questions and claim special green rewards in exchange for your steps.

The first 150 finishers will receive a guaranteed prize of

an organic cotton shoulder bag

for their eco-friendly steps by just visiting six locations.

*Among participants who submit their answers, further prizes will be raffled off:

- Boating in Balokány Grove,

- Botanical Garden tickets,

- Stylish water bottles,

- Bike accessories.


Walk with us towards a greener city, because every step counts!

Do you accept the challenge?


Course of the game:

  1. Choose one of the eight locations on the map, that you want to visit on foot.
  2. Visit the location with the help of the map, the GPS coordinates, or your phone’s navigation app.
  3. Scan the QR code you found at the location with a phone that has internet connection, then open the URL in your browser.
  4. Answer the question that pops up and enter your e-mail address before pressing the submit button.
  5. Check the correct answer and mark the next location on the appearing map. Regardless of whether your answer was correct or not, it does not affect the participation in the raffle.



University of Pécs - Smart bench

University of Pécs - Medical School - Bus stop

Pécs Train Station


Rákóczi road - Bus stop

Lyceum street 13.

Zsolnay Cultural Quarter - Pécsike bicycle station

Balokány Grove




*- by visiting at least 6 locations and submitting 6 answers


More about European Mobility Week programs at okovarospecs.hu and the Ecoville-Ecoregion Foundation facebook page 





PMJV Council




Leöwey Gimnázium

Pécsi Egyházmegye




Tüke Busz ZRt


Árkád Bevásárlóközpont





Innovációs és Technológiai Minisztérium 





University of Pécs - Green University Programme

Pécs City Council

Baranya County Council

Pécs-Baranya Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Klára Leőwey Grammar School of Pécs

Diocese of Pécs

Hungarian Innovation and Efficiency Nonprofit Ltd.

Baranya Virtual Power Plant Programme (BVPPP)

BIOKOM Nonprofit Ltd.

Tüke Bus Community Transport Private Limited Company

Árkád Shopping Centre

Baranya County Police Headquarters

Hermann Otto Institute Nonprofit Ltd.

Ministry for Innovation and Technology


The handsewn canvas bags are pesticide-free goods, that are made from 100% approved cotton canvas, originated from organic farming in compliance with the OE 100 Standard.


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