Interview with Tünde Kulcsár, the coordinator of the Green University Program of the UP

In 2022, the UP was again ranked first in Hungary and 21st in the international rankings of the UI GreenMetric World University Rankings, the international list of green universities. An interview with Tünde Kulcsár, the coordinator of the Green University Program of the UP, on the new sustainability efforts and plans of the period following the awarding of the honourable titles is available on the 1367 - the website of the UP Student Council magazine.

The UP is the 21st greenest university in the world!

In 2022, the University of Pécs (UP) has been ranked for the seventh time in the "UI GreenMetric World University Rankings". The University of Pécs was ranked 21st among the 1050 universities in the "world's green universities", and for the third time out of the 11 Hungarian universities in the ranking, it was the best university in Hungary, earning the title of the greenest Hungarian university in 2022.

Civil fair at the Chancellery

UP Bird Friendly University - Invitation to the opening event

The Professional College for Sustainable Development of the University of Pécs has officially joined the Bird Friendly School program of the Hungarian Ornithological and Nature

Save the Earth, choose local products!

The new, impressive market hall of Pécs recently opened its doors. The citizens fell in love with the much more modern, brighter and more spacious building almost immediately.

European waste reduction week - Waste is not fashion!

 Waste is not fashion! Dress yourself and your things with a "new look"! - waste reduction at the highest level, UP-style.

Waste is not fashion! The thematic program of 2022

No-smoke November 2022

19th November- World No-Smoke Day: a day without cigarette smoke

Contests, quizzes and games await all who are coming to the event! Follow our website, Facebook and Instagram pages!

ANNOUNCEMENT - "The conscious shopper's vegan snack"

In the spirit of vegetarian October and Meatless Friday, we announced a recipe competition for the students of the No.1 Practical Primary School of the University of Pécs, Deák Ferenc Primary School of the UP, and the Babits Mihály Teachers' Training Practice School of the University of Pécs.

Great vegan recipes were created, with the following results:

How the UP saves money

Due to the significant increase in energy prices, UP introduced cost-saving measures from October. This is made difficult by the fact that there is not a single large campus, but various sites with a variety of activities in different locations. The implementation of the measures is coordinated by the UP Chancellery's Operations and Procurement Directorate which also provides data for decisions related to savings.


The University of Pécs has won support to prepare for the energy renovation of 17 buildings. The project will be implemented by the institution with EU funding, with a total of HUF 421.49 million in non-reimbursable grants. As part of the project, the aim is to prepare energy efficiency plans for the buildings concerned and, based on these plans, to launch and finalize the public procurement procedures for the construction works.