Take a Green (Dance) Step! Choose now! Take it or save it - Be one green (dance) step ahead

Dear UP Citizens,

The Green University Program of the UP and the Dance Ensemble of the UP started their environmental photo campaign on 22nd April, Earth Day. One of their aims is to draw attention to the fact that many times we do not even notice the destruction and pollution that surrounds us. We’d rather turn our heads instead of doing something about it.
In the part of the campaign demonstrating this concept, therefore, spectacular, eye-catching movements appear in the photos against a background that often depicts astonishing reality. This is how you can find graceful point shoes with the garbage thrown away, a cool somersault with tires thrown into nature, an easy lift in water full of plastics, or just an airy jump in smog in the pictures.
At the same time, the UP's environmental efforts in the other part of the campaign are also reflected in the use of dance and acrobatics, pointing out that this could be done differently. The University of Pécs strives to do so with a myriad of initiatives for a cleaner, more liveable future. The photos depicting them try to present as many of them as possible, all of which go hand in hand with green dance steps.
The pictures can be followed on the facebook and instagram pages of the Dance Ensemble of the UP in the coming weeks. Photos: Portrait Maffia