Plastic-free July - UP style!

Let's set an example together! By joining the Plastic-Free July challenge, we can do our part to reduce the amount of plastic in our everyday lives.

There are many ways we can reduce the amount of waste we produce and minimize our use of plastic. However, it would be difficult to incorporate all the rules into our lives overnight, so it is worth taking a step-by-step approach. You can join this international challenge as a first step because even small actions can make a big difference! We want to help you get through your plastic-free month. All you have to do in July is follow the Green University Program of the UP on Facebook and Instagram. Each week, we'll give you ideas and daily tips, broken down by theme.

To get your creative energies flowing, we invite you to play a game. We'd love to receive your plastic-free July days in the form of photos or ideas. In return, we'll hold a weekly prize draw and reward the activity with a gift pack! Send us your plastic-free photo or idea to the Green University Program of the UP via messenger! Winners will be notified by message.

 Join us and win!