Earth Day - Being Green is Good! Dress green or dress your environment green!

This year as well we would like to celebrate Earth Day with the citizens of the UP in accordance with our tradition but in an unusual way. However, the world has come to the point where Earth Day is not only a day to celebrate, but also a day to do something to protect the air, water, plants, birds, and animals.

Earth Day has now become the largest self-organized environmental movement in Hungary.

It is an action-oriented holiday that is about the future of all of us.

What can you do? A lot. Green your environment, plant trees, flowers, and herbs, grow crops, join the community working for the sustainability of the Earth, protect the air, water, plants, birds, and animals, or even dress green yourself on this holiday!

Take a photo of how you are celebrating this wonderful day by going green and send it to us via the registration form below. We'll draw UP prizes among the entrants and notify the winners by email.

The registration interface will be available from 08:00 on 22 April 2021.

Submission deadline: 29 April 2021