V4 Green Universities – Local workshop

Inter-university dialogue in the spirit of environmental awareness

V4GU – Green Workshop


"So far, no one has found a better motivation for the cause of environmental protection than our shared love for home." /Roger Scruton/

Environmental and climate protection are increasingly important in social dialogue. In addition to being responsible, environmental awareness and energy efficiency also mobilize serious creative energies. Today every science addresses the argument: architecture, design, law and medicine, political science, to name a few, while a young generation of green activists have emerged and are trying to make a difference through impulsive communication.

The University of Pécs cannot be left out of the mainstream. Recognizing the importance of all this, in 2020 the University of Pécs has been measured for the fifth time in the "UI GreenMetric World University Ranking" international program.

The field is getting stronger, with more higher education institutions entering the competition every year. Most recently, among 912 higher education institutions, the UP ranked 59th place and this proves to be a great basis for the continuous development of the "UP – The Green University" program.  

In order to support the program, the University developed the V4 Green Universities  (V4GU) project, where  its Central European partners from among the most successful green universities in the Danube Region of the network has been selected, thereby guaranteeing that all participants can share valuable experiences through the organization of international conferences, national workshops, video campaigns and competitions.

In September 2020, the UP hosted an international online conference, and between 1st March and 7th June 2021, it announced a large-scale video campaign with a narrative of"what would they do differently on the UP to create a more environmentally conscious, energy-efficient, healthier lifestyle."  The entries received are currently being evaluated.

On 7th June 2021, a Green Workshop took place in the online space, where 33 representatives from 12 Hungarian universities - in addition to the UP, the University of Szeged and Eötvös Lóránd University, the Budapest Business University, Semmelweis University, Pannon University, Corvinus University of Budapest, University of Sopron, Unievrsity of Debrecen, Eszterházy Károly University, Unievrsity of Nyíregyháza and Károli Gáspár Reformed University - participated.