Explore the world of Orfű with your bike! - Ecocaching game rightnow on Orfű.

Explore the world of Orfű with your bike!

Eco coaching game NOW Orfűn

29th May 2021

Explore Orfű by bike, visit the QR code posters at the locations specified by GPS coordinates.

Answer questions and redeem your miles for special gifts,

Because you're going to protect the earth with a little twist.

3 gift packages will be draw among those visiting each station. Lucky winners will be notified by email.

Ride for sustainability, because every mile count!

Do you accept the challenge?


How to play:

1. From the list of "Eco coaching stations", select the first one for you.

2. Use GPS coordinates to visit the location.

3.Search for the poster and read the QR code on it using your phone with internet access, and then open the web address in your mobile browser.

4. Answer the question that appears, enter your email address before clicking submit.  

5. Check out the correct answer and interesting information.

6. On the map that appears, search for it and see the next location.



UP Green University Program

Eco-City-Ecoregion Foundation