’Water shortage: metropolitan life without services’ video award


TETTYE FORRÁSHÁZ Ltd. and the University of Pécs announced a video competition for full-time students of the UP within the framework of the Green University Program. The purpose of the competition is to draw attention to the role of utility drinking water and wastewater services in urban life, which has become a natural and essential for today.


1. Water shortage: metropolitan weekdays without water supply

2. The basis of life is WATER– Moods

The three best works received cash prizes:

1st place: 50.000 HUF │ 2nd place: 30.000 HUF │3rd place: 20.000 HUF

Applications will be judged by a jury of organizers and professionals (highlighted aspects: creative approach of the topic, originality, lucidity of the message to be expressed, technique).


1st place - h2o project




50.000 HUF

Kristóf Kaltenecker
Kyra Udvarácz

Faculty of Health Sciences

Ingenious title choice. The invested work and creativity can be seen during both filming and post-production. The short film was recorded with a variety of tools, so static or manual shots and aerial or stabilizer shots have places as well. Overall, the film shows spectacularly and effectively the chosen topic.”

2nd place - Metropolitan weekdays without water service




30.000 HUF

Fanni Marxer

Marcell Schnell

Faculty of Humanities

’The basic concept of black and white illustrates the gloominess of a waterless world, which is further enhanced by the choice of music and well-composed cuts. The video is recorded with high-quality equipment and the compositions are well deliberate which make the mood to convey expressive to the viewers.’

3rd place - And what would you do?




20.000 HUF

Vanda Hegyi

Glória Hidász

Nikolett Nehr

Dóra Szokolai

Erzsébet Suhajda

Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology

’Apparently, there were scarce tools available to the creators, which were well compensated with their creativity and hard work. The narrated story fits the theme of the contest well, and narration guides the viewer step by step through the difficulties of the lack of service. The thought-provoking title and the closing question of the movie eventually frames the message perfectly.’

The prize-winning artwork can be viewed on the company's Youtube channel.

Tettye Forrásház Zrt. Summary: "Shower in the Rain and danced away shortage: Films of Students of Pécs about the vital water service of the city"