Virtual Power Plant Program roundtable discussion and memorandum of understanding signature

Date: 10/4/2019, 1-3pm

Location: Rector's Office, Senate Hall (4. Vasvári Pál street)


The European Union considers the Virtual Power Plant Program (VPPP) to be one of the three best energy efficiency programs on sustainable development. Its importance and weight  indicated by the fact, that the patronage of the program is Dr. János Áder, President of the Republic, and Dr. Katalin Szili, Prime Minister, former President of the National Assembly. This year, the University of Pécs, as the first Hungarian university to join the program, successfully participated in the competition and obtained the "Energy Efficient Institution" and the "Energy Conscious School" awards.

The program was developed and implemented by the Hungarian Innovation and Efficiency Nonprofit (MI6) Ltd., which has been a key player in the development of domestic green economic policy strategy since 2011. The leader of the program is Dr. Balázs Mezősi, a former student of the University of Pécs, Faculty of Business and Economics and the Faculty of Law. The purpose of the Virtual Power Plant Program is to collect, showcase, share and reward good examples of partners energy and CO2 savings through tenders.

The main goal of the event held on April 10 is to explore opportunities for regional co-operation and further progress with the participation of the University of Pécs, environmentally conscious employers, service providers and other organizations in Pécs.

Dr. Katalin Szili, prime ministerial commissioner and patron of the Virtual Power Plant Program will also attend the program.