Tree of Europe 2019 – The almond tree of Pécs was triumphant!

The result of the vote, which have been closed on 28th February, was announced in Brussels on 19th March: almond tree of Pécs became the European Tree of the Year with 45 132 votes. We would like to express our gratitude to the citizens of the University of Pécs who voted for one of the honor of our city in this noble competition.

Of course, the "gold medal" needed preliminary results: the almond tree of Pécs was the 1st before the Roman Coastal trees and the special Szebényi giant oak in the Tree of the Year competition organized by the Environmental Partnership Foundation, with 4779 votes, more than a thousand votes in favor, was ranked first in October 2018.

The almond tree was thus able to represent our country in the Tree of the Year competition. Voting ran from 1st to 28th in February 2019, but the results could only be followed publicly until 22nd in February, after that votes went ‘blindly’ until the finishing.

From the strong field of the voting, the first two places were held head-to-head by the Abramtsevo oak in Russia and the almond tree in Pécs.

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