Stroll to Selmec!

The University of Sopron announces the "Stroll to Selmec" program. All university students can join the program!

Students often arrived at the old Alma Mater in Selmec on foot. In honor of their memory, we encourage you to collect steps between 1-31st October 2021. The main building of the University of Sopron and the main building of the old Selmec Academy are located 262 km apart by road, which means ~355,405 steps to take. With an intensity of 11,464 steps/person/day, we could even get there in one month (10,000 steps/day supports our health). Based on the number of registered steps a carbon footprint will be calculated theoretically: How much carbon emission is spared with walking?

How to register and participate in the program:

1. Install a pedometer application on your mobile phone or smart device (e.g. Pedometer app, free of charge)

2. Start the pedometer as soon as possible in October 2021 (setting: run the application continuously in the background)!

3. Upload all your step numbers for October by self-declaration on the registration interface by 8th November 2021, at the latest.

Registration form:

Only justified steps amounts will be granted with prizes.


  • Decathlon voucher - 5,000 HUF
  • 2 pcs stationery package
  • RAJI Ukemi Fitness training tickets (in Sopron or in Budapest)
  • Aerobic: 3 pcs for 3 people (in Sopron)
  • Box: 3 times training for 1 person (in Sopron)


The program is organized by the Green University Concept of the University of Sopron and the national green university initiatives.

- You can ask your questions here:

- Professional coordinator: University of Sopron, Faculty of Forest Engineering, Herman Ottó Vocational College,

We wish you successful participation! Play for your health and WIN!