October "Green Gastronomy"

Dear University Citizen!

We would like to recommend you to the UP "Green Gastronomy" series of events in the spirit of the vegetarian October!

  • 4th October (Monday) 18:00: What do you put in your basket? - Round table discussion

Location: 12 Szigeti street, UP Medical School (exact location to be announced later)

Invited speakers:

István Kiss Prof. dr.- Professor, Director of the Institute of Public Health.

Zsolt Radnóti - Head of the Pécs Basket Community

Anna Padisák - fourth-year medical student

The presentation is free of charge, but registration is required. For more information and registration, please visit YourLife@ÁOK.

  • At 4.00 pm, 6th October (Wednesday) Zoltán Szabó, research assistant at the Department of Food and Nutrition at the Faculty of Health Sciences of the University of Pécs, will give an online lecture on the following topic:

It is becoming increasingly clear, both from growing scientific knowledge and from our own experience, that the looming ecological crisis demands urgent changes from all of us to survive a global environmental catastrophe. Although we hear relatively less about it, our dietary choices have a very significant impact on the state of our environment. This presentation aims to show how the characteristics of a healthy diet can be linked to a more ecologically friendly dietary pattern.

The event is free of charge for UP Citizens, but registration is required. The registration form is available HERE.

We would also like to recommend the publication by Írisz Faragó, Zoltán Szabó, and András Tálas on the Green University's DIET RECOMMENDATION CONCERNING ENVIRONMENTAL AND HEALTH CARE!

  • The Green University Program of the UP is launching a competition in connection with the Green Gastronomy program series to be organized between 1-31st October 2021 in the spirit of the Vegetarian October for graphic design students of the Faculty of Music and Visual Arts of the UP. 

Topic: The creation of art made with graphical programs in the following subject:

Seasonal Wheel of the Year

Seasonal Calendar

Seasonal Puzzle

The deadline for the creation of the artwork is 31.10.

Prizes: 1-1 HELL gift pack (a refreshing gift pack in a metal box containing vitamins for the environment and health) for the professional winner and the public winner

Award winners:

The creator of the best artwork selected by the jury of the Faculty of Music and Visual Arts of the UP (professional winner)

The creator of the artwork with the most likes on the UP Green University Instagram page (Audience Award Winner)

  • In the spirit of the vegetarian October and Meatless Friday, the UP Affiliated Primary and Secondary School (No. 1), Deák Ferenc Primary School, and the Babits Mihály Teachers' Training Practice School of the University of Pécs are announcing a "vegetarian" recipe competition. Read more about the program HERE.
  • The UP "Green Gastro" initiative was joined by our partners, the RAKUN Box Community, and 3 catering establishments of Pécs.

Every Friday in October, the Room Bistro&Club in the Zsolnay Quarter will offer you a special Green offer, where you will not only get a completely "green offer", but if you enter the password 'UP Green Gastro' at checkout, you will also get an extra 10% discount. The discount applies to the Friday meat-free menu only!              The weekly menu offer for October's meat-free Friday is at the bottom of the page.

The Black Knight restaurant will give you a free pancake with every 5th purchase of 4 vegetarian meals. Use the code UP Green Gastro when making purchases/orders.

The RAKUN Box Community is offering a 50% discount on its exchangeable durable steel boxes to all UP Citizens throughout October with the coupon code PTEZoldGastro50