The Green Bridge Foundation's Green Babysitter training course is over

The 60-hour Green Babysitter training course organized by the Green Bridge Foundation, which took place in the Eco-Kuckó Training Room in the center of Pécs between February and March 2022, is over.

During the training, participants took part in interactive, practice-oriented presentations, and brainstormed on babysitting tasks and the possibilities of educating towards sustainability. The prospective babysitters were trained in first aid and early childhood care, as well as playing games and creating activities.

11 participants received a certificate of completion, and the knowledge gained will be useful for those who want to babysit or work as animators while studying at university, as well as for those who want to work with children in the future.

For the prospective babysitters, the opportunity to participate free of charge was provided by the Green Bridge Foundation through the TOP-7.1.1-16-H-ESZA-2019-00778 "Eco-cooperation - developing green communities in Pécs" project.

If you missed this opportunity but would like to participate in the Green Babysitter training in the future, you can find out more on our website ( and Facebook pages (@okokucko.pecs and @zoldbebiszitter).

Some feedback from participants:

"I gained a very comprehensive knowledge, we met a lot of viewpoints, I liked that there were more speakers."

"The material and games delivered were fresh, realistic, and practical."

"The company and atmosphere were good."

"I was committed to babysitting and working with young people."

"I liked that it was interactive."

"I learned that it's not harder to live and play green."

"What I'm committed to: sustainability in small steps."