European Waste Reduction Week 2021

EUROPEAN WASTE REDUCTION WEEK (20. – 28. 11. 2021) at the UP

"Waste reduction at the top level, UP-style, or treat waste in an ECO way!"

Reducing/eliminating waste sources and emissions

Reducing resource use

  • Waste reduction actions in offices and affiliated schools:

Double-sided printing; the use of old single-sided papers;

"Bring your water bottle or mug and refill it!" photo and selfie campaign; the3 most creative submitters will be awarded a prize! Use the form at the bottom of the page to tell us how you use your water dispensers.

Reducing packaging waste

  • Reusable shopping bags and cardboard boxes left over from grocery stores as a means of transportation!
  • Preparing for the holidays too in a packaging-free manner! - Photo/Selfie campaign:

Who bought less packaged products or food without packaging? How can we all do something to avoid buying overpackaged products?

”Packaging-free Holidays”: During the preparation for Christmas, we are looking for creative ideas on how to reduce the amount of wrapping paper at Christmas. Use the form at the bottom of the page to submit a photo of how you think we can avoid purchasing over-packaged products, and in the run-up to the holidays, give us your ideas for a tasteful and SUSTAINABLE way to wrap presents!

Reduce food waste

"Zero waste" or what to cook with leftover ingredients? Lunch/picnic/dinner organization:- Submit a recipe with photos illustrating the dish! You can use the form at the bottom of the page to upload and send us your favorite recipe using leftovers. We will compile a recipe book out of the best recipes.

Let's compost! – Information about composting at home

We recommend the following two great documentaries on sustainability:

Our Planet | One Planet | FULL EPISODE | Netflix – YouTube

Be GREEN! Throw less in the bin! -


  • Be GREEN! Give new life to your old items – projection
  • The new life of our objects, or repair, refurbish, recolor! - We are looking forward to your series of photos of how you give new life to your old, worn-out, tired objects! Use the form below to upload your photos and send them to us to inspire others with your ideas!

Reusable "articles for personal use" workshop: In the UP affiliated schools, in a technology class, make articles for personal use by applying materials that have become a waste.

Book swap initiative: libraries in the UP's schools will put together a basic collection of books, or children can bring books to find a new owner, one for one.

Recycling and preparing for recycling

”Zero shopping” Day: 26 November 2021 - On this day, to avoid overconsumption, buy NOTHING!

"...I have no lunch..." XXIV. Charity Gala Evening of the Benevolent Women's Association of Pécs

Details: "...I have no lunch..." XXIV. Charity Gala Evening of the Benevolent Women's Association of Pécs Invitation

"A Chocolate for a Smile" - Charity chocolate and sweets collection campaign of the First Lions Club of Pécs.  The management of the First Lions Club of Pécs decided to donate again this year, besides its main subsidized - the children members of the Baranya Association of the Blind and Visually Impaired - to the small patients of the Pediatric Clinic of the Clinical Center of the UP and the Nursery and Kindergarten of the UP, and the For the Youth Association's Families Transition Homes in Pécs.

Collection points:

  • In the Rector's Cabinet building, at the reception,
  • Chancellery, Szántó Office Building, reception area
  • Clinical Centre, Building G, at the Directory
  • Faculty of Business and Economics / Faculty of Law at the reception of the main building – 80 Rákóczi street
  • LDSZ Office Building – 119 Megyeri street, Pécs
  • Delicatesse – 7/2 Ybl M. street, Pécs (opposite the Post Office of Uránváros)

Let's not forget those who don't have the opportunity to make their children's holidays happy!

If you have any questions about the fundraiser, send an inquiry to the following email address:

Waste sorting and recycling

  • Don't miss it! Become a waste radar yourself: record any illegal dumping sites you find while walking or hiking via the waste radar app

1 green tip a day: how to reduce local waste - give us your tips on how to reduce waste! Send in your ideas using the form below and we'll compile the best ideas you send in and share them here on the website as part of our daily 1 green tips.

Hulladékgyűjtés, hulladékgazdálkodás a dél-dunántúli régióban


Otthoni, kerti komposztálási tudnivalók

  • The first steps toward a zero-waste future: ask citizens of the UP, and students of affiliated schools about what they think of their waste production and what they do to prevent waste generation in their daily school (or home) activities - involving UNIV TV (in the form of interviews/articles).
  • Collect ideas together in schools on how to reduce the amount of waste generated locally. For example, in the UP affiliated schools, in the context of the environment lesson, a project or cooperative work could be to ask children to look up information on glass and plastic materials and then present the information and interesting facts to the class in the form of a presentation.

Thematic focus 2021: Circular communities

"Pass it back, Brother!" or using mobile phones for chimpanzees and gorillas! – campaign. The regional collection of used mobile phones, tablets, and chargers with the participation of schools and chambers of commerce in Baranya, Somogy, and Tolna counties.

Creation of the seasonal wheel - Preference of local small producers, farmers’ markets, and the purchase and promotion of seasonal products. Visit the Pécs Basket Community | Facebook page where you can order seasonal products from local producers.

Voluntary residential collection of electrical and electronic waste. On 22 November, at the following 3 locations and times:

Date: 22.11.2021. Monday

1. 7:00-8:45 Chancellory 1/b. Szántó Kovács. J. street, Pécs 7633, entrance, parking lot

2. 9:00-10:45 Medical School (12 Szigeti street, Pécs 7624), Kürt street entrance in front of Biochemistry, parking lot.

3. 11:00-13:00 UP University Library and Knowledge Centre, south entrance, parking lot above the restaurant. 2/A Universitas street, Pécs 7622,

Drop off your e-waste too! 

Key information on how to drop off your waste:

What can be dropped off: electric motors, large household appliances (washing machine, dishwasher, refrigerator, electric cooker, boiler), small household appliances (hair dryer, electric shaver, iron, small DIY machines /drill, flex, etc./, toaster, mixer, microwave, vacuum cleaner, sewing machine, heaters, computer, laptop, DVD player, video, drive, power supply, computer motherboard, winchester!

What is NOT! DEPOSABLE: television, monitor, printer, fax, keyboard, toner, toner cartridge, tape recorder, voice recorder, projector, fluorescent tube.

  • Used cooking oil drop-off: Look for designated fuel stations where you can drop off used cooking oil.
  • Disposal of expired, unused medicines at designated pharmacies (e.g. UNIV pharmacy)
  • Voluntary residential dry battery drop-off: disposal of batteries by throwing them into the containers placed at the UP sites.
  • Online quiz with the University Library and Knowledge Centre of the UP (For the University library online quiz, you can click HERE!)


The form for submitting photos, recipes, and ideas will be available from 20 November 2021 at 08:00! (After entering your Neptun/EHA code and password, you can access the registration area by clicking on the login button at the top-center of the page.)