European Mobility Week 16-22.09.2023 - PROGRAMS


Cycling breakfast

  • 19.09 Cycling breakfast + Bike Quick Service + Bike Engraving + Bike Safe + QR Code Quiz organized by the Green University Program of the UP at the Market Hall of Pécs between 8.00-9.30 am.
  • 19.09 between 7.00-9.00 a.m. Cycling breakfast at Széchenyi Square organized by the Eco-City-Ecoregion Foundation-Green Bridge Foundation-City of Pécs + Bike Safe + Getting to know the e-roller.
  • 20.09. Cycling breakfast + Bike Engraving + Bike Safe + Bike Quick Service organized by and held at the Medical School of the UP
  • 22.09 Cycling breakfast + Bike quick service + Highway Code Park skill game + Bicibusz Pécs + QR code quiz organized by the the Green University Program of the UP at the Market Hall of Pécs between 7.30-9.00 am

Play with us - QR code quiz at 20 Király street (K20; UP Webshop)

In the framework of the European Mobility Week 16-22.09.2023, look for our QR-coded questionnaire, after filling it in you will participate in a draw to win a valuable UP gift!


Instagram poll - Theme: Cycling Transport

Test your knowledge about safe and correct cycling, answer our questions on the Instagram platform of the Green University Program of the UP in Instagram story and you could win a UP gift pack!

Free visit to the Highway Code Park for students of the Practical Schools

On Wednesday, 20.09.2023, the students of the Practical Schools of the UP will have free use of the equipment and the track. In the Highway Code Park you can try out handbikes, trikes, tricycles, tandems, rickshaws and traditional bicycles in both adult and children's sizes.

Free use of PÉCSIKE on Car-Free Day

On Friday, 22nd September 2023, between 0:00 and 24:00, Pécsike 24-hour bicycle tickets can be redeemed free of charge. The purchase of a ticket is subject to registration as on other occasions, and the system will deposit 8.400.-Ft in the user's bank account, which will be released within 3 banking days after the expiry of the ticket's validity. The rental fee, i.e. cycling for more than 30 minutes, is free of charge for all types of tickets and passes on this day.

24-hour ticket purchase procedure. An 8-digit PIN code will be sent to the mobile phone number provided during registration by SMS (and e-mail). At the station control desk, after selecting the "Rent with PIN" menu item, the user must enter the code received by SMS and, after accepting it, select the bicycle to be used. The docking station indicates by light and sound that the bicycle can be removed from its place. The light flashes for 20 seconds, after which the bicycle can be used. If this does not happen, the dock will lock the bicycle.

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Free use of public transport on Car-free day

One of the main messages of the Car-free day is the promotion of environmentally friendly and sustainable urban public transport.

Bicibusz Pécs Skill Game

On Friday, 22.09.2023, between 14.00-17.00 on the Car Free Day, the Bicibusz Pécs will organize a skill game for primary school children on Kossuth Square. The bicibus movement started in Spain and became very popular in a very short time. On Friday mornings, children and their chaperones cycle together to school along a specific route, with stops and a pre-arranged timetable. "We want children to cycle to school actively, not passively, by car," says Simon Wintermans, one of the initiators.

Bicycle storage map: