The coolest bus in Pécs with the participation of students of the University of Pécs

The University of Pécs has also joined the European Mobility Week program, which aims to raise awareness of sustainable transport alternatives in cities, such as Pécs, such as walking, cycling or public transport. As part of the program, on Wednesday, members of the Rector's Council of University of Pécs, that is, university leaders, rode a bicycle before the meeting, while on Thursday, students, teachers and students of the practicing school of the University of Pécs painted the articulated bus in the parking of the Medical School.

The combination of cycling and public transport is very popular with students in Pécs, so it was a good idea to paint important messages from the Mobility Week campaign to the bus. The graphic art surrounding the city and the university features such as built heritage, cultural diversity, science and intellectual freedom, an earth-shining motif that draws attention to the beauty, fragility, and vitality of the natural environment. The designer was Dr. Norbert Vasváry-Nádor, the head of the Industrial Product and Design Faculty of the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology.

The painted bus will be available in the city from 20th September.

Chancellor Zoltán Jenei commented on the largest European transport-environment campaign: “It was not a question of whether the University joins the program, as it is one of the most important issues of our time, sustainable transport. We can do locally to mitigate environmental damage, and the University of Pécs wants to be a strong player in this process. ”



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