14th Emergency Days in Pécs

“Let’s go to the square! - Heroize with us! "- flashmob to popularize the learning of reanimation

The Faculty of Health Sciences of the University of Pécs organises the international conference of the 14th. Emergency Days of Pécs on 13th-14th September, where belgian, serbian, german, austrian, swedish and hungarian professionals examine the socialization of reanimation. The escort event of the Emergency Days, the ”Bring it on to the square! - Heroize with us!” flashmob takes place on Friday at 8.45 on Széchenyi square, with the participation of approximately 250 students, and where Professor Berndt Böttinger, the starter of the ” Kids Save Lifes” european action will be attending.

The flashmob draws attention to the importance of learning reanimation. Due to the easily aquired technique lives can be saved, if the one in need for that partakes in help before ambulance arrives; this kind of knowledge should be aquired at the youngest age possible, so that in need it can be applicable confidently, and not to be afraid to help.