IV. Value Exhibition and Fair of Pécs

Esemény dátuma: 
2018-09-28 to 2018-10-02

IV. Value Exhibition and Fair of Pécs is arranged in the Árkád mall between 28th September- 2nd October 2018 (Friday-Tuesday). In this year several organizational units of the University of Pécs and some programmes as well, such as the values of Pécs represent our university. One of them is the Green University Program, which aim is to present how environmental awareness have an effect on the future of our Earth and humanity, moreover, with what kind of programmes, actions, courses, researches and publications does the University of Pécs towards a liveable future. On the event Bertalan Radványszky dr. our environmental expert, whose thoughts are addressed to both children and adults, delivers a speech and organizes interactive quiz games.