The University of Pécs was awarded an energy-efficient Mentor Award

In the spring of this year, the University of Pécs joined the Virtual Power Plant Program (VPPP), one of the major innovative projects in the field of sustainable energy in Europe. The idea and mentor of the program are the Hungarian Innovation and Efficiency Nonprofit (MI6) Ltd., which since 2011 has been a key player in the development of domestic green economic policy strategy. The patron of the competition is Dr. János Áder, President, and Dr. Katalin Szili, Prime Minister.

The purpose of the Virtual Power Plant Program is to collect, showcase, share and reward good energy and CO2 savings from partners through tenders. Applicant companies, educational institutions, municipalities can obtain energy-conscious and energy-efficient trademarks. The University of Pécs was the first among the Hungarian higher education institutions to receive the Energy Efficient Institution Award.

This inspired the University of Pécs, in partnership with city and county partners, to explore, through close and mutually supportive cooperation, opportunities for access to green knowledge, networking and resources through the Virtual Power Plant Program and launching joint local actions and developments. To this end, the Baranya Virtual Power Plant Program (BAVEP) was created, with the mentorship of the University of Pécs.

The award was received by Chancellor Zoltán Jenei on behalf of the University of Pécs on Wednesday afternoon. In his opening speech he stressed: "The existence and quality of life of future generations largely depends on our ability today to transform our thinking, knowledge, and then our lifestyles and habits of the world, our environment, and our lives, so that we do not exploit natural resources in a sustainable way we live. Educational institutions have a huge role to play in shaping attitudes, and I am proud that the University of Pécs has a strong presence in the process. ”


Hungary's Virtual Power Plant Program was brought to the attention of the participants of the UN Climate Summit in New York on 24 September 2019 by János Áder. The President of the Republic said before the Plenary that the essence and philosophy of the program, which began 10 years ago, is that it is the cheapest and greenest energy that we do not produce.