University of Pécs ranks in the narrow elite among the world's green universities

The University of Pécs was ranked 140th from 719 registered universities in the ranking list of the world's most environmentally responsible higher education institutions this year. Compared to last year's result, this represents a 39-position improvement for the University of Pécs, making it the second "greenest" Hungarian university by comparison.

The "green" ranking list of the world's universities, has been compiled by the University of Indonesia every year since 2010 to promote and support sustainable environmental development. How big are the green areas on campus, how they are trying to reduce the effects of climate change, whether they are collecting waste selectively, whether they are using water-saving equipment and if they have introduced other measures that reflect an environmentally conscious attitude - these are the key aspects of GreenMetric Ranking of World Universities list. The ”Green University” idea is thus a complex system, involving the built environment, environmentally conscious operation, the related shape of attitudes, and the establishment of an educational and research background.

While only 95 institutions from 35 countries provided data for the survey in the first year, compared to this 719 higher education institutions from 81 countries competed this year. The continuous development of the University of Pécs can be seen in the system based on objective indicators, as it was 355th in 2016, from here jumped to the 179th place last year, and this year the first university of Hungary could top this performance by almost a thousand points, which implies the 140th place.

The list says the world's "greenest" university - retaining last year's lead - is the Dutch Wageningen University & Research, followed by the British University of Nottingham and then the University of California Davis.

The newly released rankings are available at