Tropics in the winter - in the Botanical Garden

The Greenhouses of the Botanical Garden of the University of Pécs await families and the dear interested ones with a tropical atmosphere on 27-28th December from 10 am to 2 pm. The greenhouses are full of colorful parrot flowers, bromeliads, and a specialty of the cocoa tree that has been consumed by Indians in South America for 3,500 years can be visited. The citrus fruits have arrived: the attraction of the rich collection is the nearly 2.5 meter orange tree and the giant lemon with a huge crop (picture attached). In addition, the insect-digestive plant collection and the delicate mimosa tree can be found here. Those who are not afraid of heights can even go up to the palm house gallery to look at the rainforest flora, and walk into the cactus house to admire the fragrant flowers of more and more succulents. Japanese tree poles are now blooming at several points in the park.

At the premise you can take photos and buy plants.

Address: 6 Ifjúság Road, Pécs

+36 72/503-600/42477, 24135