Sustainability Week at the UP: a gift for the selectively collected aluminium beverage cans

Between April 24-28th, Sustainability Week will be held at the University of Pécs, which has been chosen as the 21st greenest higher education institution in the world, focusing on aluminium, a packaging material that can be recycled in virtually countless ways if handled with the right awareness. During the week of the UP Green University Program, the Great Aluminium Collection Wall will be set up at the Medical School in Pécs, where empty aluminium cans can be deposited all week long, and those who collect aluminium selectively will also receive a gift.

The event, organized in cooperation between the UP and Hell Energy Hungary Ltd., aims to highlight the importance of the selective collection of aluminium, emphasising that the widely used light metal is essentially a packaging material for a lifetime: it can be recycled 100% without any deterioration.

Source and full article available on the UP ÁOK website.