Stay at home and dance, play sports - The " Digital Dance Space of the UP" opens

Opening of the "digital dance room of the UP" - 16 different dance and aerobics classes to choose from

The Dancing University operating at the Sports Office of the UP opens its digital dance room. Due to the unfortunate epidemiological situation, we have decided to continue the courses that started in February in a completely new way, and even add new forms of movement to the constantly updated repertoire. Forced confinement often takes its toll on our physical, mental, spiritual and social well-being. But dance, movement and music have an excellent effect on all of these. Everyone is free to choose from our 16 different dance, gymnastics and aerobics classes: shaping dance aerobics, belly dance, hip-hop, Croatian, Serbian, Macedonian, kizomba, Cuban salsa, Latin freestyle aerobics, Latin dances, party rock and roll, show dance, senior gymnastics, seated dance, two types of ballroom dance and musical gymnastics.

Dance and movement can be continued at home with the instructors' home videos. Now your kitchen, room, garden or even garage can become a dance floor. The equipment you might need is also all the things you would find in an average household, such as a mop, fruit washer or chair. To make the virtual community sustainable, the Dancing University Facebook page welcomes photos, short videos or any other kind of dance footage, even humorous ones, taken during the classes. In this way, the Sports Office of the UP and the Dancing University are trying to contribute to a joint effort to inject some exercise and good mood into this difficult time.

The aim is that those who do not necessarily need to go out should stay at home and dance and move with us. And for those who need to leave home, come back to the four walls as soon as possible and join in when you have the time. Let's look after each other!

Watch a short video of the program here: UP digital dance room
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Sports Office of the UP