School recipe competition in the spirit of the vegetarian October and meat-free Friday

In the spirit of the vegetarian October and meat-free Friday, we announce a "vegetarian" recipe competition for the students of the Deák Ferenc Primary School and the Babits Mihály Teachers' Training Practice School of the University of Pécs.


Teams of 4 participants are awaited to apply. Create dishes that do not contain animal ingredients and contribute to the formation of a healthy lifestyle. In addition to personal details (school, class, team name, teacher), a recipe must be uploaded and submitted, up to 3 photos of the dish and/or a video of the cooking process using the form below.

The submitted recipes will be ranked by a jury based on the description of the recipe and/or the photos and videos of the dish.

The winning teams will receive gifts.

Submission deadline: 22nd October 2021 (Friday)

Results announcement (expected): 10th November 2021