Pass it back, Brother - Spring 2022 campaign organized by the Green University Program of the UP

Pass it back, Brother Spring 2022 campaign

For the fourth year running, the "Pass it back, Bro!" campaign to collect used mobile phones is being run jointly by the Jane Goodall Institute, the KÖVET Association, the Foundation for Africa and the Defence Association. The University of Pécs joined the initiative 3 years ago.

The aim of the campaign is to collect as many mobile devices, GPS or tablets and their chargers as possible, to promote a circular economy and help save the habitat of the Congolese primates and the lives of local communities. Under the principles of the circular economy, the metals extracted from the recovered phones during processing are recycled.

The Spring 2022 Pass it back, Brother campaign was organized by the University of Pécs with 25 collection points, in cooperation with the Green University Program of the UP.

The spring collection campaign once again resulted in an outstanding amount of used equipment: a total of 1169 pieces and 128 kg.

School round

Building on the success of the 2021 campaign, the Green University Program of the UP again launched a school round covering 3 counties.

Prize donators (group tickets, experience cards)

  • Pécs ZOO
  • Mecsextreme Park
  • Csámborgó - Playful Adventure Tours: Lakatkaland
  • Bükkösd Ecopark
  • Tamási Wildlife Park, Gyulaj Forestry and Hunting Ltd.
  • Tamási Dám Point Ecotourism
  • Simontornya Castle and Castle Museum
  • Bikal Experience Farm
  • István Fekete Visitor Center - Kaposvár, Deseda
  • Balaton Bird Garden - Ornamental Bird and Pet Park - Kereki
  • Petesmalom Otter park, Lábod

"Every little action counts. Every single person, every single day and every single minute can make the world a better place." - Dr. Jane Goodall

More information:

Tünde Kulcsár;

Green University Program of the UP - Program Coordinator