Package free week at the PTE


Do you know how long it takes for the materials and products used in everyday life to decompose in our environment after they're thrown out?

Today we are hearing more and more about environmental awareness in the media, in an increase in the number of "rubbish" recycled and waste. Glass has 1-2 million years, plastic bags have 200-1,000 years, and disposable diapers have 550 years of degradation. Given the data, it is important to think seriously about the possibility of recycling individual materials, since we do so much for our Earth, but we also do a lot of harm, so it is important to pay more attention in this area. We hope that the list below will help many people understand the importance of adopting and applying recycling and environmentally conscious life.

It is a well-known fact that in Hungary, 50 % of the waste is packaging material. We buy too many packaged products and use too many layers of packaging. There are also products that do not need to be packed. E.g. vegetables and fruits are better taken piece by piece and not in a kilo pack. Of course, most of the time, the pound package is better worth it, but the packaging material is left behind. (It's good to have apples, carrots, onions, and not in a net...)  Of course, frozen goods, for example, need to be packed, but that is enough in one layer.

In general, plastic packaging is the worst, because it can be used the least, it degrades in the environment and its production is costing the most energy and pollution, yet it is spreading more and more because it is simple to use, adaptable to the shape of all kinds of goods, is cheap and protects the product from the outside world. Still, we should avoid it if possible, because with plastics nature cannot do anything, we do a lot of harm to the environment when we buy plastic objects or packaged products.

Therefore, it is important to keep as few layers as possible in packaging, reuse as many times as possible and avoid plastic. That's how we do the least harm for the environment. And that's what world packaging-free day draws attention to every year.