More solar panels on the buildings of the up

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more solar panels on the buildings of the UP! 

Further solar power systems have been mounted on the buildings of the University of Pécs. The project, financed with EU grants, has seen the installation of nearly 800 new solar panels at three different sites, enabling a significant decrease in the energy consumption of the university, thus protecting the environment.   

Under the grant programme KEHOP-5.2.11-16-2016-00027 a solar power system of nearly 50 kW capacity has been installed on the Rehabilitation Centre building in Rét Street and the Institute of Rheumatology and Immunology respectively, while  a system of 114.92 kW has been mounted on the buildings in Honvéd Street. A total of 794 solar panels have been installed on the buildings of the University of Pécs during the project – in comparison, the energy need of an average household of four is about 12-20.  

Healthcare has a remarkably high need for energy, therefore the implementation of developments aimed at reducing operational costs and utilising renewable power sources is of specific importance regarding the economic sustainability and improving energy-efficiency of these buildings. The solar power systems will contribute to the energy provision of the whole block; the systems – besides ensuring undisturbed power supply – will reduce the energy consumption of the buildings. Energy demand from external sources will decrease, while the solar power systems will contribute to an increasing ratio of utilised renewable sources and decreasing the total domestic CO emission levels.      

Chancellor of the University of Pécs Zoltán Jenei commented on the development, “The University of Pécs will continue to do everything in their power to modernise their buildings by means of similar development projects and protect the environment as effectively as possible. The University is committed to the promotion of and contribution to sustainable development”, the Chancellor emphasised.  

In the spirit of environmental awareness, the University of Pécs joined the international Green University programme in 2016, and by 2017 it ranked 179th on the global list of environmentally conscious higher education institutions.  



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