Medical School of the University of Pécs at the Future Hospital exhibition

For the first time this year, the Simulation Education Center, the Department of Operative Medicine and the 3D Printing and Visualization Center of the School Medicine of University of Pécs at the Future Hospital exhibition was represented on the Hungarian Hospital Association XXXI Congress.

This year the Hungarian Hospital Association organized the annual meeting around the theme ’The Hospital of the Future’, which was held in Eger. The companies and health care providers who participated in the exhibition were able to present their future-oriented solutions, which totally contents the technological challenges of the age and can contribute to the improvement of the quality of domestic health care.

On the event, the representatives of the university institutions exhibited together with the professional leadership of the project named ’Development of Skill Laboratories (EFOP-4.2.2-16-2017-00001)’ of the National Health Care Center (ÁEEK). The staff of the AEEK and the University of Pécs provided the interested one information about the project's professional objectives, their current status and future plans, as well as a technical consultation on the national program in the joint consortium.

At one of Congress' most exciting spots, at the Future Hospital Exhibition, with the active involvement of university experts, 3D printing technology and lower limb human exoskeletons were presented, which are the latest achievements in rehabilitation robotics. An important goal of UP's participation was also to strengthen market and company relations, in which a concrete cooperation program has started with Speeding Kft. and CAE Healthcare Hungary Kft. In addition, several exhibiting companies inquired about the R&D portfolio at the University of Pécs.