InnoPécs 2019

The INPUT Program organizes the InnoPécs Exhibition and Professional Conference, which is located on the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology of the University of Pécs. The aim of the event is to present through successful projects and businesses in Pécs, that Pécs is a city, where good to be an entrepreneur and where you can achieve not only domestic but also international success. Exciting topics such as starting a successful startup, learning how Oscar became a sharing economy startup, the role of augmented reality in technical research, or whether drug development is possible without animal testing will feature the one-day event.

Parallel to the startup section, participants will also be able to attend lectures in English, including international IT programs and IT-related funding issues. Almost thirty companies, start-ups and university projects in Pécs will be introduced during the conference, so our visitors can build entire planets with their brainwaves, learn about related technology through the spectacular skeletal structure of the Sopianae Motorsport electric car, but 3D printing, marketing and educational news will also be on the table.

Entrance is free. For more details, visit the event page: és a