Go to the UP! Cultural Festival

This year's first university festival begins today

Go to the UP! Cultural festival shows why it is good to be a university student in Pécs

The “Go to the UP” Culturfest is virtually smuggling the student feeling of Pécs back into our daily lives! Zoli Beck cooks and talks about music, we can learn the secrets of Father Tibi, we can meet the members of “Halott Pénz”, Dénes Dibusz, Norbert Michelisz, we can sit in on professional discussions, admission briefings, parent forums. In 5 days, 170 programs from 10 faculty will be waiting for you, with nearly 300 participants.

The University of Pécs offers more than 300 courses in the next academic year for young people who choose Pécs as the place for their higher education studies. However, the 650-year-old tradition of diverse, high-quality education in Pécs is much more than just studying. Being a university student in Pécs is a unique and life-defining experience.

The extraordinary circumstances of the last year also bring to life unusual solutions: such a creative new event begins on Monday, January 25th: this is the Go to the UP! Culturefest.

- On open days and online school visits, at first place we were able to inform students about higher education applications and studies in the first place. However, few people could really experience the university, unfortunately we can't either show it live now, but in the online space, at least we have virtually invented a different kind of experience. During the Cultural Festival, 10 faculty organized 170 programs in 5 days, with the participation of nearly 300 participants, said Zoltán Győrffy, Director of Relations at the University of Pécs.

In addition to official briefings, professional discussions, parent forums, almost everything that would be a part of the future storks will be displayed in Pécs: gastronomy, concerts, theatre, sports, dance, exhibitions and many other interactive events await you in these five days.

"In these few days, we want students to have a virtual experience of what it is like to be a university student in Pécs, so that after a successful admission they will arrive ready to come to us in September," added Réka Hegedüs, head of Hungarian Enrolment Marketing Office. – However, this is not just for them, because we are waiting for parents, teachers, current and former university citizens to be together again, to conjure up familiar locations, to show familiar faces at the first university of Hungary.

Go to the UP! During the cultural festival, participants can meet the members of Halott Pénz, Zoli Beck, the fontman of 30Y talks and cooks, Máté Tóth speaks out the secrets of Father Tibi, And then we taste coffee and chocolate, play live at the Playback Theatre, a chess party with the Dean of faculty of economics, words being changed about talent management, scholarships abroad, concert with the PTE Brass Band - but with us will be Dénes Dibusz, Norbert Michelisz drives a car, We Will give a little taste what the Open University or the Voice of the UP is while the festival closes with Nash K's DJ set on Friday night.

All these are just a few extracted program elements, since Go to the UP! Cultural festival condenses into a week everything that everyone wants to be in Pécs for.

Go to the UP! All important information on cultural activities are available on https://felveteli.pte.hu/kulturfeszt page.  

Download fresh schedule: https://felveteli.pte.hu/hirek/varunk_az_irany_pte_kulturfeszten