FUTURE=LIFE?! A Solution to the Climate Change and World Peace

The author Dr. Ernő Dittrich, doctor of Engineering, lecturer at the Department of Environmental Engineering of the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology of the University of Pécs, researcher, inventor, leading designer and technical expert, who has been dealing with complex water and environmental problems all his life. Climate change has been a central issue in his professional work for more than 20 years. Is there a solution to climate change? The answer is yes. This book. It is a book in everyday language, with an enjoyable tone, showing a system that can be adapted to life, whether you are an individual, a parent concerned about the future of a child, a business leader, an educator or a politician who wants to take an active role in the fight against climate change. The book provides a solution to the climate crisis, makes life better for the reader and sets humanity's social problems on a more positive course.

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Available in print, audiobook and e-book formats.