European waste reduction week - Waste is not fashion!

 Waste is not fashion! Dress yourself and your things with a "new look"! - waste reduction at the highest level, UP-style.

Waste is not fashion! The thematic program of 2022

 -Wardrobe exchange/old clothes exchange promotion: exchanging the old wardrobe with a "resting" collection in other people's used wardrobes. Recolor your own wardrobe and surprise others with the clothes you no longer use, which are in good condition! You can give and take maximum of 5 autumn-winter clothes in good condition - no holes, no stains, no fluff/person. Clothes and shoes left over from the wardrobe change will be transported and delivered to those in need by the Baranya County Organization of the Hungarian Red Cross.

-Dates and location of clothes drop-off: 23.11 Wednesday between 13.00 and 15.00 and 24.11 Thursday between 09:00 and 11:00 a.m. in the Sándor Kígyós room (Szántó Office building, 0. floor, E wing, room 1 opposite the women's toilet).

-Location and date of the wardrobe exchange: 25th November, 2022 between 09:00 and 12:00 at the Office of the UP, Szántó Office Building, Aula (1/b. Szántó K.J. street Pécs 7633)

-A gift with a "new look": mastering furoshiki packaging in the framework of a workshop, preparing for waste-free packaging of Christmas gifts.

Cleaning, waste collection

"No smoke November"

Participants include the UP Sustainable Development College, the Institute of Medical Ethnology of the Medical School of the UP, as well as the Medical Students' Association of Pécs.

Improvokál Association will be performing at the No-smoke November in Szabadkikötő on 14th November 2022. Entrance is free. Facebook link of the event:


- Making paper briquettes "at home" - free fuel for winter: production of fuel for families in need from the paper waste accumulated in the training school as part of community service.

- Be ECO! Give new life to your old items!

- "...I don't have lunch..." The fundraising Advent gala evening of the Charitable Women's Association of Pécs, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary. Margaret Island will be performing. Details on the invitation at the bottom of the page.

Elimination or reduction of the generation of waste

- "Bring your water bottle, mug and refill!" - we are waiting for your photos which you can send to the e-mail address:!

- Be ECO! Throw less in the trash!

Reduction of food waste

-What can we cook using leftover ingredients? "Send a recipe!" - We welcome your recipe ideas to the e-mail address:!

-Let's compost! – Home and garden composting information

Waste sorting and recycling

- New waste collection system introductory campaign Details:

- Not a drop! Program - starting the collection of used cooking oil. Details:

- Don't go past it! Become a waste radar too!: record illegal landfills you find during walks or trips via the hulladekradar app

Exercise your mind!

Educational campaigns, focusing on attitude formation and communication in order to reduce waste

Skip printing or double-sided printing; the use of old, one-sided printed papers

Youtube videó: