European Waste Reduction Week 2020

Waste reduction at the top level, UP-style, or treat your waste ECO-friendly! Make it invisible!

European Waste Reduction Week 2020 at the University of Pécs


Reduction/elimination of waste sources and emissions

Information campaigns

Waste collection, waste management in the South Transdanubian region

Let's reduce waste together!

Let's compost!

Be ECO! Throw less in the bin! -

Reduce resource use

  • double-sided printing
  • using old, used paper - notepads, notebooks
  • use glass cups and glasses instead of plastic cups

Reducing packaging waste

No packaging! - photo series - Use the form at the bottom of the page to submit a photo of how you think we can all do to avoid buying over-packaged products!

Reducing food waste

What can we cook with leftover ingredients? - Send in a recipe with a photo! You can use the form at the bottom of the page to upload and send us your favourite recipe using leftover ingredients. We'll put together a collection of the best recipes.

Recycling and preparing to recycle

"Buy Zero" Day: 27. 11

On this day, in the spirit of avoiding overconsumption, buy NOTHING!

Be ECO! Give new life to your old items! -

Waste sorting and recycling

Move your mind! GAME

Be ECO! Collect separately -

"Be as picky as us!" - or what do you think about selective waste collection" - In the framework of the European Week for Waste Reduction we are launching a drawing competition - jointly organized by the Babits Mihály Teachers' Training Practice School of the University of Pécs, the Clinical Centre for Paediatrics of the UP and the Green University Program of the UP. Drawings are invited from students of the Practical School, children of university citizens (primary, secondary and upper secondary school) and young patients of the PTE KK Paediatric Clinic.

The drawing competition aims to encourage children's creativity and to promote a sustainable approach in today's 21st century world, which is a responsibility for all of us. Submit your drawing by filling in the form at the bottom of the page. Please upload scanned or photographed entries to the form.The best entries in each category will receive a prize.

The competition will be open to entries received by 29th November 2020! Winners will be notified by e-mail.

Cleaning/cleaning/trash collection actions

Become a waste hunter yourself! -

If you see an illegal waste dump in your neighbourhood, on your way to or from work, or on a hike, please report it - by uploading a photo if you can - via the above website or the app, so that we can organise a voluntary waste collection to help you clean up the illegal dump.

Focus in 2020: invisible waste

A new life for our objects! or Repair, refurbish, recolour! - Send us - by filling in the form at the bottom of the page - a photo of your favourite piece of furniture or utility item that you have refurbished or repaired (you can also include a before and after photo if you have the opportunity).

The application form will be available from 21st November 2020 at 8.00 am!