The 13th Ornamental Exhibition and Fair closed with a record number of visitors

The weather was propitious to nature lovers this year too. After the cool, rainy days, it was a specifically pleasant time for people who love plants to look, walk and shop in the Botanical Garden of the University of Pécs. This year, the traditional spring program of the Botanical Garden has attracted 5,000 visitors, more than ever before. The Mini Garden competition, which received 31 entries and was voted on by nearly two thousand, was also had a great success.

Prize-winning works:

1st place: Kővágószőlős Member Institution of Pellérd Elementary School

2nd place: János Cserepka Baptist General and Sports School

3rd place: Görcsöny Member Institute of Pellérd Elementary School and Cistercian Order Education Center 4 / b.

Congratulations to the creators!

More information and photo gallery about the exhibition can be found on the website of the Botanical Garden.